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Barcelona Piano Academy (BPA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to give learning and professional opportunities to young talented pianists from all over the world. BPA offers an international summer piano program and a competition in Barcelona featuring recitals, masterclasses and workshops with a faculty that includes many internationally renowned teachers and that every year attracts students from all over the world.
BPA aims to provide an answer to the needs of young pianists and advanced students with the classes of these musical performers and teachers whose artistic category and pedagogical career ensure an artistic experience to all the participants in 2 intensive weeks of musical experiences, with teachings form the teachers, concerts and other interesting musical activities.
During the BPA days, BPA Concert Series series take place at emblematic venues such as La Pedrera by Gaudí, the National Library of Catalonia, etc. The performers of these recitals are some of the BPA teachers and also the winner of the previous edition. The course finishes with the closing concert where the students selected as finalists by the BPA faculty are performing. During this concert, the winner of the VIII BPA International Piano Award  will be announced. The prize consists of the participation in several concerts in Spain during the next season, included one as a soloist with orchestra. 
Barcelona has been and remains a fundamental center in the development of the Spanish Music for piano. Due to it and given some of the teachers' profile, BPA wants to put a special emphasis on the music of the composers of this country. As an incentive to the study of this repertory in all its richness, BPA gives a Special Mention to the student selected by teachers as the Best Interpreter of Spanish Music. To reinforce this commitment to the Spanish Music, one concert focused entirely to Spanish Music by the specialist Albert Attenelle is offered, launching the BPA Concert Series.




Our Philosophy

BPA’s aim is not only to be a Summer course with the best teachers and to work for the personal enrichment of each student, but our philosophy is one of a serious commitment with Music and with our Society. We want to contribute to make Barcelona a musical landmark, fostering the meeting of young talented people from different countries and backgrounds, that share an intense passion for Music, a strong wish for self-improvement and a tireless enthusiasm in the pursuit of great artistic goals.


The commitment of young people to the Culture is more necessary than ever in these times of hardship that can bring out the best in people. In our days, when the public support to the Culture and to the Music is increasingly weak, BPA fights to show that with a sincere love for Music, a wholehearted enthusiasm and hard work, everything is possible. As musicians, we feel as our duty to keep struggling for a better world, where both professionals and music lovers may enjoy music with no constraints and be able to communicate their feelings and ideas through this wonderful and universal Art.


We want to keep on going forward, to give proof that the Music will never die. BPA consist of 10 days of thrilling musical activities, a chance for young pianists from around the world to learn from the greatest teachers, but it is also a space for knowledge, exchange of views and experiences, and of friendship between people who share these ideals and that want to live up to them during an eventful and unforgettable days full of Music and of the most intense experiences to be enjoyed in an exceptional environment.



President and Artistic Director

​María Manzano 



Vice President and Artistic Advisor

Albert Attenelle



Program Manager

Alba Latorre Gasull

Concert Series Coordinator

Laura Madrià




Assistant Program Coordinator

Mariam Chebly

International Business Development 

Xiaorui Wang

Director Marketing

Faith A. Gourchane

Press Officer

​Ana Bugatto 


Toni Bofill / Oliver Adell Torne


Audiovisual Production Coordinator

Matías Lovero



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