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The formalization of the registration shall be done automatically at the time in which the organization communicates the confirmation of the received request.

In the event of a excess of demand in any of the options for active participants, the organization reserves the right to assign a student a number of individual lower than he or she has applied for.

Any decision would be made according to the Biography or CV and the recording sent by the applicants. The decision would be communicated before June 10th. If any of the applicants is not accepted for one or more of the classes that he or she has applied for, the organization will suggest alternative choices sufficiently in advance of the beginning of the classes.




No refunds will be given for the cancellation of an enrollment, unless there are exceptional and duly justified reasons. Any request for a refund must be made via email. The refund will be made if the alleged reasons are deemed to be valid by the BPA Direction.



Any interested person can enroll as an auditor/listener for the full BPA course or for some particular activities. 


You can request more information about the admissions with this form:

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