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MON JUL 6, 09:00 AM



MON JUL 6, 9:30 AM

BPA Masterclasses 

MON JUL 6, 8:30 PM


BPA Concert Series 


Concert I

TUE JUL 7, 9:30 AM



WED JUL 8, 9:30 AM


THU JUL 9, 9:30 AM



FRI JUL 10, 9:00 AM




FRI JUL 10, 9:30 PM


BPA Concert Series 

Concert II


SAT JUL 11, 10:00 AM


BPA WORKSHOPS and Masterclasses


MON JUL 13 9:30 AM



MON JUL 13, 8:30 PM


BPA Concert Series 

Concert III

TUE JUL 14, 9:30 AM



WED JUL 15, 9:30 AM



THU JUL 16, 12 PM




- Students Concert

- Announcement of

VIII BPA International Piano Award 2020 and Special Mentions

- Cocktail at the Liceu Conservatory Café

Closing Ceremony
Masterclasses by International Piano Teachers


The students enjoy the great masterclasses and participants performances in a enjoyable and participative atmosphere.



Panels, debates and other interesting workshops

Students are afforded the great opportunity to learn about Spanish musical works through a theoretical, reflective and analytical lens with the noted composer and musicologist Víctor Estapé.  

Additionally BPA offers workshops focused on intensive inquiry and debate about topics of interest with our team of specialized teachers, including stage fright, Alexander technique, and so on.


Alexander Technique

A wonderful opportunity to experiment the great advantages of the Alexander Technique. Our Alexander Technique expertise will help you to be more aware of your body postures and definitely helpful to your playing! 

BPA offers different types of accommodation, most of them with piano where the students enjoy a pleasant stay during their week in Barcelona.



 Have Fun with BPA people!



BPA people have also free time to have fun!

Everyday after an intense day of work and activities, students and attendees get to go to dinner with faculty, to enjoy a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere with lots of laughs!



BPA Concert Series

A wonderful opportunity to hear  concerts by world-class pianists!



The students are enthralled by the lessons!


Some of BPA students with Professor Albert Attenelle after his great masterclasses.

BPA Students Concert

They have a great chance to share their talent to the audience of Barcelona!

Moments of happiness and satisfaction of all BPA community for the great work, and the unforgettable experience! 


Their smiles say it all!